Full Stack Web Developer, DJ Promoter, Radio Host, Journalist. Now learning about Blockchain Development, XR development and the Metaverse. Also starting to use A.I to generate artwork, music and video.

I think outside the box. |I plan things out meticulously and I’ve been told that I can take an idea and supercharge it to its maximum potential. I’ve run a music magazine (www.theblackflag.co.uk) which I’m relaunching as well as my new project (https://www.ratemymeta.com/) which is in the early stages of building at the moment. Think Rotten Tomatoes meets Web 3.0.

I have my own server (https://darkheartserver.darkheartdevelopment.tech:8443) which runs on Ubuntu 20.04 with a Plesk Hosting Control Panel and uses Docker for a few sites hosted there.

I’ve had my own article in a local paper, had club night of the year two years in a row and even starred in a fly on the wall documentary following me as I set up a music venue.

I’ve worked for Hacienda Records, which is owned by Peter Hook of Joy Division/New Order fame. Prior to the Pandemic I was actually working with them to set up a live music festival but obviously the world has changed and live music doesn’t work with social distancing.

Since the beginning of the year I’ve been focusing on web3.0 technology and learning the skills I need to create virtual environments, avatars and a metaverse.

Presently I’m enrolled in various courses on Udemy, such as NFT Masterclass, Start a VR/AR Business From Scratch, Deep Fakes with DeepFaceLab and Building an NFT Marketplace. As well as learning how to use Unity for VRChat, OpenXR, Solidity, Python, VR DJing and crypto day trading.

I love learning and can learn any skill that I need for any project. To be honest I’m technically retired so I have a lot of time to work on my own projects. I’m an Open Source advocate and pride myself on only paying for Adobe Creative Cloud, VMWare and Acronis True Image. All my other software is open source.

I’ve recently created my own NFT collections on opensea. These are the Sketchy Shiba Toon Party (https://opensea.io/collection/sketchy-shiba-toon-party) which is based on a naughty Shiba Inu and his various disguises and the Artificial Intelligence Art Collective (https://opensea.io/collection/artificial-inteligence-art-collective)